'To Establish A Gender Just And Violence Free Society"

Akshara grew out of the contemporary Indian women's movement in the 1980s with the campaigns against violence against women. It was established formally in 1995 as a response to the growing need for material with a gender perspective.

Akshara strives to change lives of women - because women are half the population, have an unequal status, face violence in different forms and have to struggle from birth to death against huge odds.


  • To raise women's and public consciousness on gender inequality
  • To work towards empowerment of women and youth
  • To prevent violence on women
  • To build partnerships with different social movements for gender equality, laws and policies

We are busy with...

the smiles of success!

This group of women from different grassroots organizations are all set! They are thrilled to have got their certificates (accredited by TISS) for the para counselors course (conceptualized by Akshara) called ‘Sahayogini’. With this 3 month training, they will be … Continue reading →